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Old Boys of Churchie

Achievements ben & gary brock

Ben Brock (1997), is a Churchie Old Boy and is currently living in British Columbia, Canada. His father, Gary Brock (1959) is also a Churchie Old Boy. For the past 23 years, Gary has been a sufferer of Parkinson’s disease. To help him in continuing to live with this chronic, degenerative neurological disorder, Gary recently underwent deep brain surgery. Inspired by his father’s contagiously positive outlook on life, Ben set himself a challenge to support him and others who suffer from Parkinson’s. In doing so, he created the Parkinson’s Disease Freedom Ride, a 400km single day, solo bicycle ride through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Ben has an enthusiasm for riding bikes and has been active ever since he was a…

Achievements man up 1

ManUp! is a non-profit organisation which came from the Churchie community.  Founders Jill and Brian Costello, who are the parents of Old Boy David Costello (2004), recognised a need for prostate cancer nurses in Queensland and decided to do something about it. The ManUp! Team has launched a 37 day tour of Queensland and hit the road on Wednesday 27 August. Travelling in two vintage vehicles, a 1942 Dodge Brothers Carry All and a 1924 Dodge Brothers Utility (pictured above), their aim is to promote awareness and the need for support services for men with prostate cancer. The tour of regional and rural Queensland will visit 40 towns covering a distance of more than 5,000 kilometres. Through an article in…

Achievements Recovery Centre (WA)

Twenty years ago, Old Boy Doug Millar (1964) sold his successful accountancy practice and started to devote his time and energy into full time property development. He now has extensive experience in the fields of residential development and land subdivision. The last three years however, have seen Doug take on an ambitious project with noble intentions. After the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, he became very aware of the huge increase in the homeless and the need to provide facilities to assist and cater for those with mental health issues. Hence the desire to develop a centre designed to help those with such problems came into fruition. As a result, Doug is now in the process of setting up a…

Reminiscences Doug Kirkham (1985)

Recently the School hosted a Rugby touring party from Carre’s Grammar School in Lincolnshire, England.  The boys had visited St Joseph’s College in Sydney prior to venturing north and playing the School. For Sydney based Old Boy Douglas Kirkham (1985), right of picture, there was a lot riding on the outcome of the Churchie v Carre’s Grammar School game.  Equally interested in the game’s outcome was Daniel Gamble, an Old Boy of Carre’s Grammar and now also living in Sydney. The final score would definitely be impacting family relations for years to come for both Douglas and Daniel as, by a strange quirk of fate, they are brothers-in-law. Fortunately for Douglas, Churchie managed to ensure that the family honour remained…

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