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September 19

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Old Boys of Churchie

Reminiscences Doug Kirkham (1985)

Recently the School hosted a Rugby touring party from Carre’s Grammar School in Lincolnshire, England.  The boys had visited St Joseph’s College in Sydney prior to venturing north and playing the School. For Sydney based Old Boy Douglas Kirkham (1985), right of picture, there was a lot riding on the outcome of the Churchie v Carre’s Grammar School game.  Equally interested in the game’s outcome was Daniel Gamble, an Old Boy of Carre’s Grammar and now also living in Sydney. The final score would definitely be impacting family relations for years to come for both Douglas and Daniel as, by a strange quirk of fate, they are brothers-in-law. Fortunately for Douglas, Churchie managed to ensure that the family honour remained…

OBA Business David Crombie (1961)

At this year’s OBA Annual Dinner on Friday 19 September, we will have the privilege of hosting fellow Old Boy, David Crombie AM (1961) as our guest speaker. With David’s passion for agriculture and sport combined with his notable successes and achievements in both, he is sure to be entertaining and engaging. A grain and cattle producer from Warwick and St George in Southern QLD, earlier this year David was awarded an AM (Member in the General Division) for significant service to the meat and livestock industry, and as a supporter of social welfare, primary producer and sporting organisations. David has served as Chairman of Meat and Livestock Australia and as President of National Farmers Federation. He is currently a…

Achievements brian lovell

Imagine identifying a suspect with a single glance and instantly receiving information on their criminal history. Imagine also knowing exactly where your fellow officer is when the alarm goes up for assistance. This situational awareness and its endless possibilities could soon be a reality, thanks to biometric technology developed by Old Boy Dr. Brian Lovell (1977). The application, when viewed through the X6 spy glasses (pictured above), allows faces viewed to be matched in real time with those in a database. The lenses of the glasses allow a high definition view of the world with 3D imagery by pulling in a satellite photograph and then using GPS coordinates.It can pass on information in the form of structures, special instructions, clues,…

Sport Zac Dalby (2010)

Zac gives us an insight to his life as an American college student at Arizona State University (ASU). I break my life up into three distinct areas: school, sport and social. The past twelve months has been full of events and times where I was able to enjoy all three whilst making progression. The balancing act is not always an easy one, but I feel that as each year goes by I get better and better. With school, I have changed my major from accounting to marketing as I feel it is more suited to my ambitions. I have secured an internship with the ASU sports marketing department and I am hoping that the experience will help open doors and…

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