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Old Boys of Churchie

Rowing 1984 First VIII

We arrived at the shed around 12:30 – it wasn’t the old Elder Hunter Boathouse anymore, but the new and vastly improved Graham Fowles. It had been a sunny morning, but the clouds had come over and the wind had whipped up the water. The shed was open and inside were a few of the lads I hadn’t seen in 30 years – Mudgey, Jon, and Tim were there, then I saw a fit gentleman I didn’t recognise at first – George Petelin, the coach. In straggled Richo, I saw Pete, Hewy arrived, Tom, and Berkeley. All the lads back together again at the shed – the last First VIII to row for the Church of England Grammar School, and…

Achievements James

Thanks to the assistance afforded to me by the Churchie Overseas Study Scholarship, I recently graduated from Harvard with a Liberal Arts degree. Focusing my studies in Computer Science and Statistics, it was both fascinating and challenging. Due to the breadth of study in a Liberal Arts degree, I became very interested in the history of China and its current role in the world.  Following an adventurous Freshman summer, where I road a push bike across the United States, I took a year off college to explore my interest in China. I spent the first six months in Brisbane developing an app called iSpeedy which helped me to finance the next six months in China teaching English. Back at Harvard,…

Achievements darling downs

It was a meeting in Dalby in early 1964 that significantly contributed to the development of rugby union on the Darling Downs. Ever since, the symbol of supremacy for this highly regarded competition is the Risdon Cup. The cup is presented each year to the winning team of the A Grade competition. On Saturday 16 August, at the annual presentation evening, there were over 250 guests in attendance to celebrate its 50th year. To recognise and honour the best player in every position since the inception of the competition, a 50 Year Risdon Cup team was announced. The key criteria for selection were players who achieved success whilst playing a dedicated and decorated career in the Downs. Notably, there was…

Achievements Joey-Rawlings

After four and half years of writing and editing, all spent in the creation of an epic contemporary fantasy novel aimed at young adults and up, Old Boy Joey Rawlings (2001) finally published his first novel The Frailty of Perception in August 2014. Joey started writing the novel at the age of 21 in whatever time he could spare between full-time university study and full-time work in the hospitality sector. The lure of travel soon overtook his creative desires and although he did graduate from university, he never completed the novel. After three years spent travelling the world, he returned home, started a publishing company and finally completed his personal project, The Frailty of Perception; book one of The Asher…

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